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. . . it's NOT just SEX! It's Your Story, Our Story, My Story. It's where WE CUM from, and where we're at! It's African American/Hispanic, Safe/Safer Sex, Community/Economic Empowerment, and issues vital to you and those who love us! It's Educational Entertainment (EDU-TAINMENT).

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NUDE BLACK & HISPANIC MEN. TABOO SEX, more than a GIG of HIGH QUALITY VIDEO, SEXY HONEYS, and of course Tales from the Dick!!!

Our mission is to showcase our models, EDUTATE [Educate & Entertain] you about Safe/Safer Sex, Community, Economic Empowerment, and Truth!

Allowing us to see our thoughts, emotions, self, and improve our outlook on life! It's a lot to take in one sitting, better plan on cummin' back!


This site is not for the sexually phobic individual. It is intended for MATURE ADULTS who realize/consider that HETROSEXUAL, HOMOSEXUAL and BISEXUAL ALL HAVE one word in common . . . SEX is vital to our creation and existence. It is where we come from! Whether you do me, she, him, her, them, all or NONE is not for anyone of us to frown upon or judge!

If you lick (I mean like) people of color, or just want to know more about the way some of us feel, think, and/or explore sexuality then checkout Tales from the Dick!!!

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